Directory of IAAC Schools

Accredited Schools
Accreditation is a status of recognition that is granted to a school which complies with the eligibility requirements, standards, procedures, and obligations adopted by the member institutions of the IAAC. Accreditation does not certify that every facet of an institution is of equal quality, but it does indicate that each part of the institution is such that that the educational effectiveness of the school in its entirety and it’s educational and student focused services will not be compromised.

Applicant Schools
Schools in the Application Process are actively seeking accreditation by the Commission. During the Application period, the school is concentrating on the process of self-study and planning for an on-site team visit. Seeking Accreditation and moving through the Application process does not imply accreditation of a school. The school may not use its Application status in any way to imply, publicly or privately, that its Application for IAAC Accreditation confers or implies approval of its programs or accreditation of the school by the Commission.

The following institutions have applied for IAAC Accreditation and have had their applications accepted. They are Applicants and not considered Accredited until they have progressed though the IAAC process. Question or information regarding these schools may be directed to the Commission offices.

Academy of Aviation - #MC231001.1
Main Campus, Farmingdale, NY

Academy of Aviation - #BC231001.2
Branch Campus, West Harrison, NY

Academy of Aviation - #BC231001.3
Branch Campus, Gastonia, NC

Academy of Aviation - #BC231001.4
Branch Campus, Peach Tree City, GA

Thrust Flight - #MC231002.1
Main Campus, Addison, TX
W/Satellite Campus in Denison, TX