Attend a Seeking Accreditation Workshop

Workshop Schedule: The IAAC plans to offer Accreditation Workshops at least twice annually, based on demand and to meet the needs of potential applicant schools. Workshop registration details and information will generally be available on the IAAC web site approximately 90 days, or earlier, prior to the scheduled program. We want all of our schools to have everything necessary to become an accredited institution of higher education. 

Who should attend: An eligible institutional representative (Owner, Director, and/or Senior Staff Member) must attend an Accreditation Workshop prior to submitting an application for accreditation and having it evaluated for acceptance. The Workshop must be attended no more than 6 months before submission of the Application for Initial Accreditation. (It is helpful to review the IAAC Standards of Accreditation and Application for Initial Accreditation found on the Documents portion of the IAAC Website.) The focus of the Seeking Accreditation Workshop addresses eligibility requirements and compliance matters leading to IAAC Accreditation.

How do I determine if our school is eligible: First, review the IAAC Eligibility criteria. (Located on the History & Eligibility or Documents pages of the IAAC Website) If you believe you meet that criteria, submit a Letter of Intent to Seek Accreditation that includes the following information: the name, address and chief administrative officer of the institution, a list of programs offered at the school and their current length. Request permission to attend the Seeking Accreditation Workshop. The full contact information, including phone and email address of the chief administrative officer should be included in the letter of intent. The letter of intent may be emailed to the IAAC offices at 

Why is the Workshop so important: To most schools accreditation is a completely new and unique process, one to which they may be unfamiliar. This workshop covers the entire IAAC process -- from Pre-workshop, to workshop content and the IAAC processes, to application, to self-study, to site visit and ultimately the ongoing responsibilities of an accredited school. In addition, administratively, a school must attach a copy of its workshop attendance certificate to its formal Application for Initial Accreditation to evidence that the appropriate parties have attended. This way the IAAC has a level of comfort that the applicant school has general knowledge of the overall requirements. 

The 2024 IAAC Seeking Accreditation Workshop was a success with over 45 school representatives in attendance. 

This year, workshop attendees were fortunate to hear from Dr. Aleksandra Kapela, Associate Aviation Psychologist at Symbiotics Ltd., who spoke on the use of psychometric assessments to evaluate potential students’ ability to benefit from flight and aviation training. Her talk focused on several of the key components of IAAC Standard 5, Business Practices; 5c regarding the use of normed screening tools to help determine an applicant’s potential for success.